What kinds of design I do

To summarize the nature and scope of design I specialize in.

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UX/UI Design

Let me design not only functional and beautiful user interfaces which reflect the brand but also experiences which delight everyone for your projects.

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Design Thinking

To come up with great UX Design solutions is to become a good problem solver. Divergence « » Convergence thinking become my standard thought process approaching design issues.

service 3

Design Management

Let me focus, suggest and implement methodology and process for people and stakeholders with HCD* principles in mind for your projects.

Online Portfolio

Some of my works which i have designed over the years.

  • Ngee Ann Poly - Graduation websites

    Ngee Ann Poly - Graduation Websites

    UX/UI (Website)

  • Aviva - Corporate Mobile App - Contact Book App

    Aviva - Contact Book App

    UX/UI (Mobile App)

  • WatchWerkz - Logo Design Concept

    WatchWerkz - Logo Design Concept

    Logo Design

  • Ngee Ann Poly - TLC’s Training Web Portal

    Ngee Ann Poly - TLC’s Training Portal

    UX/UI (Web Portal)

  • Singapore Review Magazine: International Business  Awards Identity Design

    SBR Magazine: Internaltional Business Awards

    Logo Design

  • Shwe Oo Design - Self-Promo Designs

    Shwe Oo Design - Promotional Designs

    Visual Design

  • Engage Playhouse - Logo Design Concept

    Engage Playhouse - Logo Design Concept

    Logo Design

  • Ngee Ann Poly - CET Web Portal

    Ngee Ann Poly - CET Portal

    UX/UI (Web Portal)

  • Logofolio of Shwe Oo Design - 2004-2015

    Logofolio - Logo Projects Compilations

    Logo Design (2004-2015)

  • Aviva - Corporate POS Mobile Tablet App

    Aviva - Corporate POS App

    UX/UI (Mobile Tablet)

  • Ngee Ann Poly - Pastoral & Mentoring Website

    Ngee Ann Poly - Pastoral & Mentoring Portal

    UX/UI (Web Portal)

  • Barrows Global - Retail loyalty program WebApp

    Retail loyalty program WebApp

    UX/UI (Web App)

  • Web Projects Compilations - 2007-2015

    Web Projects Compilations - 2007-2015

    UX/UI Design + Consultation (Websites)

  • Sigma Sustainbility Institue - Logo identity

    Sigma Sustainability Institute

    Logo Design (Corpoate Identity)

About me

Take a look at a brief history of mine.

team 1

UX/UI Designer

Aung Shwe Oo

UX/UI Designer

team 1

Infographic Resume

Infographic Resume

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Aung Shwe Oo is a UX/UI Designer from Singapore with over 14 years of industry experience in design and communication media development projects. He has worked with various companies ranging from education institute, insurance, retail speicalist, advertising house, SMEs/Startup to government agency for various design and development projects. Design projects include interactive websites, motion graphic animation, magazines and corporate identity design. He was also awarded the Master in Design (Digital Media) from Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney.


  • UX/UI Design

  • Design Thinking/ Design Facilitation

  • Prototyping

  • HTML & CSS

  • Business Model/ Value Proposition Design

Seeking Full-Time Job!

Currently, I am looking for position of full-time employment in UX/UI design, and design management. With entrepreneurial spirit in mind and passion of an artist, I can definitely contribute valuable things for your business and projects. And I am also practing Business Model-centered thinking and pretty much in touch with Startup Culture. Feel free to keep in touch! Or just give me a ring. or Whatapps me.

To CALL me for an interview or not? You won’t know until you read my resume.

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